Petruzzelli Real Estate can help you reach your No. 1 goal


It’s potentially the biggest payday of your life.

Selling your home can certainly be a significant transaction, especially if you have a sizable amount of equity in it.

Collecting top dollar for your property is your No. 1 priority and Petruzzelli Real Estate can help achieve that goal.

On average, 90 percent of sellers employ a real estate listing agent, because selling a home involves a tremendous amount of time, from understanding your neighborhood’s trends to ultimately negotiating and closing your deal.

There are many companies you can choose from, but Petruzzelli Real Estate offers the one-on-one relationship that best helps you navigate the process.

Here are just some of the reasons why you choose Petruzzelli Real Estate:

  • Our initial consultation will review Commparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you set your listing price, since no online device can be as accurate as our realtors
  • We will suggest minor improvements that will enhance your curb appeal, plus provide free professional photos/videos as part of our detailed marketing plan
  • Since we are removed from the emotional aspects of the sale, our staff can present your case and negotiate it in the best possible light – away from competing interests
  • The paperwork involved in a real estate transaction can be overwhelming, but our staff will oversee this process – taking the burden off your shoulders
  • Our staff has more than 90 years of combined experience and education in residential/commercial real estate dealings all across the Gold Coast – and beyond

Selling your home is a full-time job, so why not let Petruzzelli Real Estate take the lead?

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